Question arise when you consider window cleaning

Questions, the answers to which you can find worthy of attention

Q: How long does the job take?
A: The average home takes 2-3 hours. There are obviously exceptions. I’ll be happy to give you a time estimate as well as price if requested.
Q: Do I need to be home?
A: No, it is not necessary for you to be at home if you ordered washing of the external side of windows. I will make arrangements with you at the time of scheduling.
Q: What do you use to clean the windows?
A: My window cleaning solution is soap and water and a squeegee.
Q: Is it possible to damage the property?
A: Yes, but I’m insured and in this case you can expect the damage will be compensated.
Q: How often should I get my windows cleaned?
A: Most of my customers have their windows cleaned every 6-12 months. I recommend cleaning at least once or twice a year to ensure window maintenance.
Q: What if the weather is bad?
A: I will make every effort to reschedule you in a timely manner.
Q: When is the best time to have my windows cleaned?
A: Most of my customers prefer a spring and then a fall window cleaning, particularly before Christmas and Easter.
Q: Can I be on a regular schedule?
A: Yes, you choose what months you’d like to have your windows done and I will schedule them in advance. That way your windows are never dirty!
Q: What if I see a streak on my window after you leave? Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please call me within 24 hours of your window cleaning if you see something that you are not completely satisfied with. We try to leave you with spot-free, streak-free sparkly windows.