The price of window cleaning. Part 2

The most important factor influencing the price and has no relation to the very window cleaning – the presence of fly screens. As a rule cleaning of fly screens is included in price.
Depending on the fly screens’ type and their location, it can become a challenge. I would like to mention in this regard external upstairs fly screens. They’re rare but greatly affect the price. You can image it that cleaning them staying/being on the roof is not a very pleasant experience.
New fly screens’ models allow you to retrieve them quickly but to take off old ones may be a serious task.
In some cases, I have to unscrew/screw the locking windows locks and as a result – more expensive cleaning.
I will allow myself to put photos of my client windows which represented a real challenge.


You can see that fly screens were nailed and for taking them off I had to pull nails out. And hammer nails back after cleaning windows/fly screens. And to add a insult to injury the window lock prevented me from retrieving the fly screens.


I had to find a way to cope with this task. I didn’t know how much time it could take and in this particular case I could not give a final price. For my happiness customer agreed to external cleaning only that cost him $160 (two-storeys house with big windows). Otherwise his bill could exceed $300 easily and take as much as 5-6 hours (I mean including internal cleaning).
To reduce price some of my customers take it upon themselves the task of taking fly screens off and putting them back.