The price of window cleaning. Part 1

Not wanting to liken myself to companies promising to perform any work almost for free I’d like to focus on the principles of pricing my job.
I decided to split the available information into several chapters for easy reading especially while using mobile devices.

The window cleaning price depends on size of windows, their type and amount. Here you can add different decorations significantly affecting the final price (fly screens, films, louvres e.g).

But first, you have to decide if you want to clean all windows and if you want clean IN and OUT or just external side (i.e. OUT).
Washing the inside is usually more expensive because the inconveniences associated with the movement inside the house. Add to that the re-arrangement of furniture , as well as the need to constantly wipe out the water. Despite the fact that the outside of the windows are much dirtier than the inside I would determine price ratio OUT to IN as a parity.

Of course the big window washing more expensive than washing of a small one. But washing of two small windows as a rule is more expensive than washing a big one. There are lots of unusual shaped windows out of all different sizes.

But more confusing is dependence of the price of the type of window.
The most you will pay for colonial windows. This type of window is made up of lots of small windows with frames. And the more such small parts a window has the more you will pay.







The perimeter windows are a variety of colonial windows and are less pricey for the simple reason that they have fewer parts.