The fastest way to get a quote

G’day, prospect customer!

I’m glad that you want to use my services and would like to offer you the fastest way to contact me.

Because all houses are different to give you a quote I have to have a look at your property. That is, I need your address and pre-arranged time to avoid any misunderstandings. Due to the specifics of my job I’m not always answering phone calls. I can be on roof or staying on ladder. To simplify the whole process significantly you can begin our conversation by sending me SMS with your suburb or the full address. In respond you’ll get my confirmaton in case I’m available or just an apology in case I’m not. Usually I reply in 2-3 hours. The preferred time to visit you and give you a quote morning till 8 am or afternoon.
I imagine our conversation like this:
You: Hi, window cleaning in [suburb]
Me:  Hi, OK. What is your address and when I can come to your place?
You: [Address]. You can come [day and time]
Me:  OK, [day and time]. OR How about [day and time]?

You can also use Contact form in case you prefer e-mail to phone.

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