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The price of window cleaning. Part 2

The most important factor influencing the price and has no relation to the very window cleaning – the presence of fly screens. As a rule cleaning of fly screens is included in price. Depending on the fly screens’ type and their location, it can become a challenge. I would like to mention in this regard […]

The price of window cleaning. Part 1

Not wanting to liken myself to companies promising to perform any work almost for free I’d like to focus on the principles of pricing my job. I decided to split the available information into several chapters for easy reading especially while using mobile devices. The window cleaning price depends on size of windows, their type […]


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The fastest way to get a quote

G’day, prospect customer! I’m glad that you want to use my services and would like to offer you the fastest way to contact me. Because all houses are different to give you a quote I have to have a look at your property. That is, I need your address and pre-arranged time to avoid any […]